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If you’re new to eCommerce, you may have heard the word “DROPSHIPPING” thrown around a bit but don’t fully understand what it is and how it can benefit you as a seller. You may hear that dropshipping is dead and no longer works, but the fact of the matter is that most stores that you’ll run across online use dropshipping for some or all of the products that they sell.

Let me give you an example of how dropshipping works and how it can benefit you… Suppose you are a new start-up that sells dog houses. Rather than spending $5,000 (which most people don’t just have sitting around burning a hole in their pocket) on buying 30 or 40 dog houses in bulk, you list a number of products on your site provided by your dropshipper. You don’t pay a dime for any of the dog houses that you have listed on your site. A few days later, John Doe comes to your site and buys one of the dog houses that you are offering for $400. In turn, you go to your dropship supplier and buy that same dog house from them for $250. Your dropshipper will ship it to your customer on your behalf. You just pocketed $150 and you NEVER SAW OR TOUCHED THE INVENTORY!

The Dropship Model

eCommerce Storefront – Our suppliers are willing to work with companies that are established OR are just getting started. If you’re brand new to eCommerce, DropshipBlueprint membership is a must.

Amazon Seller – Most of the products that our dropshippers and wholesalers carry are already on Amazon and ready for you to jump in on the action. If your preferred method of selling is Amazon, you’re in luck!

eBay Seller – eBay is one of the biggest portals for selling on the internet. Most of our suppliers have no problem with you selling on eBay, although some MAP policies may apply. Many of our former clients have made a ton of money through eBay.

What You Get When You Join Dropship Blueprint

Dropship Blueprint truly is one of a kind. Nowhere else on the web will you find such a full, comprehensive list of true dropshippers chomping at the bit to work with you to move products to the end-consumer. We have over 3,000 Suppliers that carry tens of thousands of brand names and MILLIONS of SKU’s! What does this mean for you??? It means that by gaining access to this unbelievable resource, you can have your hands on almost anything imaginable to sell on your online store.

Our site makes finding suppliers as easy as you could imagine. Either browse through our product types or brand names one at a time, or do a search for anything and see what results come up. And for those of you who haven’t selected a niche to sell in yet, there is not an easier way to get niche store ideas than spending a little bit of time in our directory.

Everything is web-based… No Downloads or updates on your part are necessary. We do all the heavy lifting. Search for what you want, save them to your favorites list, and contact them with the information we give you. It’s as simple as that.

INSTANT access to thousands of true dropshippers
Detailed contact information for each supplier
Access to millions of products ready to be sold
All suppliers hand-selected and checked by our staff
Dropshippers in the USA, Canada, and other parts of the world
Top brand name products available
Browse by product type, brand names, or supplier
A directory that is growing on a daily basis

Things People are Saying about Dropship Blueprint…

I just logged into Dropship Blueprint for the first time and just wanted to tell you guys how thankful I am… The search tools are easy to use and I have already located three suppliers for the niche I am going to sell in.”

Debby Hansen

“After weeks of searching for a real supplier of bikes, everyone I spoke with turned out to be a retailer or scammer… I finally found your directory and have a manufacturer shipping directly to my customers for me.”

Luke Elsworth

“When I decided to build a store online I had no idea where to start. I tried finding suppliers myself but just had awful luck. Thanks to Dropship Blueprint I am now making sales and making real money.”

William Bowman
New Jersey

We guarantee that you’ll love Dropship Blueprint. We make it as easy as can be to find dropshippers in your selected niche and give you the information necessary to reach out to them and establish long-lasting relationships with them.

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